Trish and The Natoma Co. managed our 11 cottages on Walnut Ave. in Carmichael for at least 20 years. Trish and her compadres were the best. Rarely had vacancies for long and they kept the grounds and cottages in excellent shape. They were always there when we came to visit and Keith and Trish were great help when we decided to sell. I recommend them highly.
Bruce Peck


I would say that Natoma Company gets a 10+, having managed our 60-unit apartment house in Sacramento for nearly 40 years on a very professional basis. We have always been most satisfied with Natomas managerial skills. We would highly recommend them to other apartment house owners.


Hiring Natoma was the best decision our family ever made for our apartments. THE BEST. I recommend Trish and her staff unreservedly, without hesitation, enthusiastically!!! I wish they could handle all our properties, but most of them are on the coast. But when we are ready to buy again (as opposed to upgrading, which is our current focus) it will definitely be in the Sacramento area, specifically so Natoma can manage it. We’ve had a roller coaster ride of challenges these past few years, and Trish as well as every one of her staff have been instrumental in seeing us through: they are impeccable, honorable, and the very essence of professionalism.
Mariann Villafranca


The Natoma Company has been managing multiple residential rental properties for my family- 2 generations- for over 30 years. We have found Trish and her staff and before that, Alice, to be knowledgeable, proactive, trustworthy professionals. They are quick to respond to any questions or requests and provide sound advice when consulted. In a nutshell, 30 years of satisfaction. What more could you ask for?
Janet Fregosi


We have used The Natoma Company to manage our Sacramento multi-family apartment complexes for over 20 years. Natoma is a very professional, diligent, and an enjoyable company to work with. They are responsive to the needs of owners, as well as tenants. They utilize comprehensive reporting so you know on a monthly basis how well your property is performing financially. Natoma also stays current is assessing market rents and other rent metrics, and will raise rents when appropriate to increase the profitability of your property. On the expense side, they work hard to keep expenses reasonable, and work with vendors to offer attractive pricing. Finally, Natoma works diligently to stay compliant with local municipal requirements, and all state tenant/landlord laws. RiverStar Investments, LP highly recommends The Natoma Property Management Company for all your property management needs!


“The Natoma Company” has been managing two nine unit buildings in Sacramento for me personally since 2007 and before that for my mother for over twenty years. I cannot say enough about what a great job they do. The properties are maintained in perfect condition at all times and expenses are always reasonable. Furthermore, “The Natoma Company” has systematically upgraded the units over the years to keep up with market trends and maintain the units’ desirability. The vacancy rate has been kept quite low over my entire relationship with Natoma. The monthly financial statements are very clear, complete, accurate and always on time. A summary cover letter provides a quick overview so that there is no suspense or if you do not wish to dig into the details. At year end, I simply hand the final monthly statement to my accountant and I am done. My accountant has everything he needs for my tax returns. Over the years, I have interacted with many of Natoma’s staff members. To a person, they have always been very pleasant, professional, and efficient at either answering any question I might have or accomplishing whatever I am asking for. Over the years, I have worked with other property management companies both in Sacramento and in Southern California and I have to say that “The Natoma Company” is the best in all aspects of managing properties. They do a great job and have provided me with complete peace of mind which is why you hire a property management company in the first place.
Bill McKinnon